Thank You

We are immensely thankful to each and every individual who contributed to the campaign. Your donation is making it possible for Taylor Jay to expand our size offering and produce a new exciting collection. But we are not just going to thank you with words. We are going to dedicate this page to you because your contribution means more than just money. It means believing in a culture of self-empowerment, empathy, and collaborative leadership. It means embodying the spirit of resilience and inner beauty that the Taylor Jay woman represents. You have become our partners in vision.

Mentions appear in alphabetical order (A-Z). Donors that didn’t attach a name to their donation are mentioned as the username they entered at the time. If you’d like to rectify your name and/or spelling of it, please email with subject THANK YOU MENTION and provide your username and donation date for reference, as well as the correct or desired spelling in Title Case.