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Well who would have thought I’d end up here, blogging, allowing people to know a little more about me. But before you can know where I’m going, I’ll give you a look on how far I’ve come. 

I wasn’t always this confident and to be honest some days I still feel... blah. When I was young I had so many insecurities, hell somedays I still struggle with keeping me at balance. However, fashion brought something out of me that I didn't even know existed. I soon discovered that clothes could make me feel confident, the saying goes, “When you look good, you feel good.” and that’s true. I felt alive, so beautiful... like so damn beautiful. I knew that other women had to be able to relate and should be able to relate. I couldn’t be the only one who found themselves through fashion. A creative way to just be free, as free as I wanted and needed to be.

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I wanted more, I wanted to not only to sell clothes, but make clothes. I wanted to design clothing that made women feel alive, beautiful and confident. Pieces that gave them a feeling of strength, empowerment and fearlessness, pieces that would allow them to move with ease, comfort and confidence.  Taylor Jay Collection was then born, “Versatility in Our Threads!” It brings a smile to my face each time I say it. 

This was mine, it was something I created on my own, I felt proud, I felt accomplished, I felt like an amazing mother being a role model to my daughter Brenda. Leaving something for her, so of course she’s my business partner. She brings a young youthful style approach to the collection. The main goal is to make women of any age feel worthy of anything. I’m here to inspire you while I keep myself inspired. It’s to reassure women that we can do anything, and look amazing while doing it. 

oakland, taylor jay collection

So who is Taylor?

She’s real, she’s raw, she’s vulnerable, she’s a mother, she’s a sister, she’s you! Taylor is a reflection of me and I want the world to enjoy being versatile, comfortable and beautiful with ease. Welcome to my blog. I thank you! 

Brenda and I @SoleSpace on Grand Avenue, Oakland

Brenda and I @SoleSpace on Grand Avenue, Oakland