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Is there really an uncomplicated way to fall in love with your body without being cautious of what you wear, eat, drink and if you work out or not? Being honest, it isn't easy at all. In most cases, our self-confidence can easily be altered by the very people we love and the media's agenda to push outrageously absurd beauty standards. The pressure of trying to live up to these standards had a negative impact on my self-confidence for a long time. This is why I’ve focused so hard on curating designs that provide a vehicle of expression that inspires and enhances women to feel good and live extraordinary lives. 

After 3 years of creating unique designs through my signature collection which aims to empower all women, I realized that there were women missing from this equation. Having spent time on product research and countless hours of hard work, myself and Taylor Jay team are excited to announce WE have heard your requests and are taking action by GOING PLUS SIZE!! We will also be releasing a new collection, The Kotton Collection. We're working really hard to make this a success, in doing so we'll need your help. For the past few months, we’ve been working 24/7 to prepare a crowdfunding campaign that will be launching on IFund Women's platform. Through this campaign, we will be raising funds to support the launch of our plus sized pieces and the new collection. 

We hope that you all can help by joining our pre-launch campaign backer team and be amongst the first to support on the first day of launch. Our pre-launch is scheduled for 9/3, and the campaign will be open to everyone 9/10. We're excited to bring you our new collection along with new designs that will continue to cater to all women of all shapes and sizes. Stay tuned for more information on our crowdfunding campaign and our new collection. 

Thank you for your continued love and support,

- Taylor and The Taylor Jay Team