elevated comfort

Our clothing is thoughtfully designed and tested for everyday use,
but our idea of everyday comfort is far from ordinary.

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Lifetime value.

When our founder, Taylor Jay, designed her first collection of basics, there was nothing basic about them. Taylor Jay designs with every woman in mind, knowing a woman’s journey is by nature a multifaceted one. We all have different routines, goals, and challenges, so we need reliable clothing that will perform extraordinarily under any circumstance. Clothing that will stand the test of time and will seamlessly integrate into our lifestyle.

So we design with the idea of elevated comfort, a concept of fashion that offers a higher level of comfort and reliability. Fashion that can effortlessly transform and adapt to every woman’s needs, challenges, style, and desires. A single Taylor Jay piece can be combined into multiple outfits and our customers keep finding new ways to wear our clothing.

So why do they keep coming back? Because our clothing is designed with the highest couture standards, beyond the idea of basic comfort and versatility.

We study and design unique features that are easy to convert for any use and style: business formal, casual, fitness, elegant, sexy, bohemian… Possibilities are endless. Our fabrics are made of luxurious, heavy duty, smart materials that adjust to a woman’s body as if… taylor’d to her figure. The combinations of features and fabrics that we offer are constantly reinvented and keep our customers excited and coming back for more.