Winter Must-Haves

The onset of a new season is often synonymous with change. Be it changes in lifestyle or wardrobe- a new season marks a fresh start. Although it’s been a month since it started, season changes give us a chance to spice up our wardrobe. Yes, your winter clothes do not need to be bland. What if we told you that you wouldn’t need to sacrifice your fashion sense to shield yourself from the cold weather? They both can go hand in hand.

If you are confused about how to approach this change in your closet, we are here to help. We have curated a list of Winter Essentials that you must check out, and you might just end up finding a new favorite.

  1.     Denim For The Win

Is it even a winter wardrobe if it doesn’t have a pair of classic denim? A high-waisted straight leg or flared pair- whichever may be your preference, we all need a trusty pair of blue wash denim that can be styled in many ways and with almost everything. 

  1.     Good ol’ White Pullover

A very simple yet important and cosmopolitan piece of clothing that you should, if not already have, consider making a space for in your closet. Pullovers can be worn with a pair of denim, skirts, trousers, leather pants- almost everything! So, isn’t it the best possible deal? Do not forget to cash on it.

  1.     Style ‘em Sweatshirts

Never compromise on comfort while you think of fashion. It doesn’t matter if a piece looks trendy or not- what matters is how you feel about it. And it is safe to say that almost all of us find the perfect amount of comfort in sweatshirts. Make sure to stock them up before cold knocks at the door. After all, is there anything better than sitting on your couch or a coffee shop, wearing your comfortable sweats, and sipping hot chocolate? We’ll go for a nah. 

  1.     Trench Coats

A piece that’s classy, elegant, stylish, and always in trend? – the answer’s the trench coats. They can be easily styled to make a statement or even for a slightly dressy day out. A vibrant-colored top under a neutral-toned Trench Coat could be a fun way of making a statement with this piece. Or, you’ll always have your classic all-black to fall onto. 

  1.     Winter Boots

Now, when we say winter boots, it does not necessarily need to be only for winter. Instead, try to invest in a good-quality all-year-round classy pair of boots that goes with everything. A manageable height heel, square-ish yet narrow toe, and slim mid-calf silhouette will likely fit within your wardrobe no matter your style and preference.

While it is fun and for some- needed, to give your wardrobe a makeover every time a new season rolls in, at the same time it is important to remember that you shouldn’t spend the entirety of your hard-earned money on clothes. To help you with this, we at Taylor Jay curate versatile pieces which can be worn in multiple ways, and our new drop of winter collections shall be just the right place for you to redeem your closet.