A relationship has many firsts-your first date, first trip, first time meeting their friends, just to pick a few. While some of these firsts bring in excitement and fun, some can bring in nerve-wracking stress. And, meeting your partner's family definitely falls under the later range of firsts. 

While there is already a lot on your mind regarding this first meeting, deciding on what to wear can be a lot more challenging. Is it too revealing? Is it too short? Is it too long? Zip it dear! We can hear the mayhem inside your mind. While this first can be intimidating, we are here to help you with a few tips to make this first impression your BEST one.

Scroll down to know a few tips to help you with choosing your outfit for the first meeting with his family:


  • Meeting for brunch or a casual meet-up? Pick your best pair of black tailored pants and a simple top to go with it. The top could be a little bright or something in print. Always choose something that shows off your personality, something that is worth swooning over! Although you can always experiment a little with your top. Pair it with your sneakers to keep it simple! 

    The mantra is to dress the best and not show the efforts behind it!


  • Stressed about meeting his parents at a family ceremony? A wedding or a family get-dinner? We get it! This can have you hunched over your clothing in front of your closet. But no worries, we are there. 

    First things first, don't forget to confirm with your partner if there is a dress code or color decided already. If yes, stick to that and choose the right fit for you! However, for dinner, you can go for a black short dress. Believe us, it's the safest bet! A high-neckline dress and a pair of pumps or heels can save you a lot of effort.

    If you are a skirt person, a black skirt to your knees paired with a simple top can be a great choice! You could pick up your classy off-shoulder top and pair it with a jacket to get the glam you need for the party. Don't worry if you feel nervous about your dressed-up look. Parties and events like this need you to add a little bit of glamor!

    It's okay to feel your heart race faster! You are going to meet the important people in your special one's life. While fussing over a perfect outfit is normal, don't forget to be comfortable with what you are wearing. Dress to express and not impress. The need to love the real you and the rest will be taken care of!

    And the most important tip: Brush off the worry lines and put on your best smile! That smile is all that you need to complete the look, no matter what you wear.