We Stand Out From The Crowd

So that you can see us!

When our founder Taylor Jay began her journey as a fashion entrepreneur there were a few non-negotiables that she had in her mind and has passed down to her employees over the years and also made known to our customers- her values. And values are of utmost importance for running a successful business and these values turned out to be the main pillar behind our clothing designs.

As a business grows bigger and more and more lovely customers get added to our list- it is important to remember that these aren’t just numbers but our people, who have trusted us enough to buy from us. When you hold on to the values with which you began your journey- it is reflected in your work and that’s what keeps our customers coming back!


The three golden words that govern our work.

When you look at today’s fashion trends and the way the brands promote their clothes, it is noticeable that the clothes are mostly catered to a certain body type- while our bodies come in all shapes and sizes. This is what struck Taylor when she felt this disconnect between the fashion industry and her body type, and this ended up becoming the core of her designs.

From catering to every woman’s body type, curating comfortable and versatile designs that can be worn in multiple ways, and timeless styles so that you can wear your favorite jumpsuit for years, not just months. Our clothes are designed to support you throughout your journey of bodily changes- be it the maternity phase, or changes in your lifestyle- we are always there for you and with you – these are some of the ways we practice inclusivity and encourage sustainability in our customers.

Other than that, we are working every day to make you proud when you wear our brand- as we strive to adopt even better and greener practices. Our products are already eco-friendly and we believe in and practice fair trade by associating ourselves with an ethically sourced and fair labor practicing factory. Additionally, our hardworking in-house sewing team also contributes to depleting the production of industrial waste. We also recycle and upcycle threads and use tints that are safe for you and the environment.


In the fast-growing era of fast fashion, we decided to go with slow fashion. Why? Because this approach lets us place you first instead of profit.

While fast fashion allows to mass-produce garments- which are mostly of lower quality and hence lower priced, they do not follow sustainable practices and soon end up in landfills. Slow fashion is just the opposite- made by hand, takes time to produce, and creative artistic talent is involved- basically, instead of mindless machines, humans are curating designs specifically to cater to your need.

We don’t just want to sell; we want you to get the value out of your product and our slow fashion approach wins in that department. With every package, we are sending you warmth in the form of comfort in your clothes that don’t bring you down but instead elevate you, and put a smile on your face.



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