We Are Getting Better...

At Taylor Jay, we see each day as an opportunity to get better for you, and us. Every purchase you make from our specially curated collections works as encouragement and a means for us to keep the work going. Each time you buy from us, you contribute to our mission of making fashion inclusive and sustainable. 

So, as our hard-working sewing team stitches the next jumpsuit for you to wear through all seasons and the several periods of your bodily changes, we need your support more than ever to do what we do. 

Our work is much more than just producing clothes, we are working towards bringing in a much-needed change of wave in the fashion world. And for us to keep going, to sustain ourselves, to keep serving you — you might notice an upgrade on every level — our designs, fabrics used, and hence, prices. This upgrade will ensure that no compromises are made in the quality department.

Why should you spend your hard-earned money on something that may last you a couple of months? Instead, invest in something valuable that you’ll be able to cherish for the next ten years. Now, that sounds like a better deal!




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