Strategies for Dealing with WFH Fatigue

You professional woman working from home looking exhausted

Many people do remote work, usually from their homes, but many were forced into such a situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, many people were forced into quarantine and had to continue their work from home. At first, it was pretty enjoyable, but WFH fatigue became a real and serious issue as time went by.

Taylor Jay Collection, an inclusive fashion brand in California, realized this and created a WFH collection to make women feel empowered, confident, and beautiful while working from home. Our clothes can affect our personal confidence and mental state. Here are some of the strategies we use for dealing with WFH fatigue.

Young woman enjoying cup of coffee outdoors

1. Go Outside

Taking a walk outside or just stepping out to get some fresh air and sunlight can go a long way in reducing your WFH fatigue. Going outside or doing regular exercises daily can refresh your mind and enable you to come back to work feeling energized and ready to continue your work tasks.

 Illustration of woman moving through daily routine

2. Have a Routine

Having a routine or a schedule that you consciously manage can help prevent WFH fatigue. You can make your routine in such a way that you set boundaries by setting aside some time for work and some for personal time. This is perfect for maintaining a work-life balance and ensuring that you do not get overwhelmed with your work.

Young woman meditating in an open field

3. Take Short Breaks

Taking breaks is crucial as it helps you maintain focus and avoid burnout. Therefore, it is advised that you take breaks between your tasks. For example, you can stand up, stretch and walk around for a few minutes before going back to continue with your tasks.

Man enjoying hot cup of tea looking out window

4. Have a Healthy Outlet

When you begin to feel overwhelmed, you should reach out for help by, calling a friend or colleague. You can do activities that make you relaxed, such as listening to music, watching a video, or even gaming for a while till you feel better, then you can continue with your work.

Taylor Jay Collection knows that remote work can leave you feeling exhausted, which is why we have partnered with The Phoenix Project to bring you resources to take care of your mental health. We also offer our customers comfortable and sustainable fashion and clothing regardless of their size to make them feel confident, happy, and beautiful. So take care and positively grow your mindset and mental health by visiting our flagship store today.