How to ensure comfort while traveling

As the holiday season approaches, the traveling plans start to roll out. While it’s exciting to plan the activities you'll be doing and most importantly the packing, let’s face it- it is also pretty hectic. And since for most of us traveling is a way to de-stress and take a break, we need to make sure that our experience also remains comfortable. Because this isn’t the meeting room with your boss sitting on the other side, you got no one to impress, no stretching of your comfort zone.

At Taylor Jay, we prioritize mental health and also take pride in being very vocal about it. As our customers, we want you to know that we care for you and your mental health. Therefore, here’s a list we prepared that might help you ensure comfort while traveling.

  1.     Travel Light

If you are going on a 7-day trip, pack clothes that you’d need for the next seven days and not 15 days. You do not need every piece of footwear or clothes; they’ll only add to the luggage weight you’ll need to drag around. Taylor Jay ensures to create versatile designs for you so that one dress can suffice for four. 

  1.     Carry comfortable clothes

Comfortable clothes and fashion statements do not need to be two separate concepts anymore, we have filled that gap for you. Wearing comfortable clothes is very important, especially while you are traveling- because you want to take away your attention as much as possible from everything else and be present in the now.

  1.     Bring entertainment

You don’t know where you might find yourself, or you might need or want something that connects you back home. Bring a book or music or movies, whatever entertainment is for you, and try not to depend on the internet for the same. You don’t want to find yourself in a no-network zone and get bored.

  1.     Don’t take the trip too seriously

Yes, you are there to enjoy and unwind. But it’s okay if it isn’t exactly turning out the way you wanted it to, it’s okay if you are reminded of work at times. If you work for six months straight and then take a break for say, 10 days, isn’t it only natural for your mind and body to take time to realize the change in schedule? Do not stress yourself with the thought of unwinding and de-stressing. 

  1.     Rest

The most crucial point in the list. Before departing on your trip, while on your trip, and after you get back- rest. Close your eyes, unclench your jaw and take deep breaths. You’ll thank yourself later. This will also help your body to get some time to get accustomed to the change and give you the energy to do more fun things once your trip begins.

The more relaxed you are on your trip, the better memories you will make. It is a great feeling to return home from a vacation feeling entirely exhausted but extremely excited, but would it be fun to return home feeling completely exhausted and frustrated because you were uncomfortable the entire time? No, right? Therefore, make sure to apply the tips mentioned above and travel unhinged!



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