4 Ways We Can Promote Size Inclusivity When Talking About Fashion

Women are not uniformly built and do not conform to society’s desires and trends. Taylor Jay Collection understands that huge groups of women have been left out of the conversation in the fashion industry. Taylor Jay Collection seeks to break those boundaries and build an inclusive environment for all women in these four ways.
Image of a plus size fashion model

Close-up portrait of woman wearing makeup.

Listen to Women of all Sizes

The first step in all forms of inclusivity is to listen to those who have been excluded. It’s a very important step. Some ways the fashion industry can listen are:

  • Quick interviews with strangers on the street for their opinion and insight.
  • Planned group interviews of previously excluded women in order to get a lot of honest answers.
  • Polls directed toward women who have been or felt excluded.
  • Surveys directed towards women who have felt or been excluded.

    young woman in a dress by the ocean.

    Implement the Advice

    After your company has gathered insight, opinions, and advice, it’s time to implement your feedback. Don’t just listen and ignore these women further. Your company must take steps to implement the feedback given. That’s where inclusivity starts to become a reality. Work to make previously excluded groups of women a part of the conversation and industry as a whole.

      Woman with a boho hat and bracelets sitting by the water.

      Size Inclusion in the Fashion Industry

      Groups of women that have been excluded in the fashion industry should be at the forefront of your movement. The diversity in the sizes of all women will reap incredible benefits for the fashion industry. Here are some important things to consider:

      • Company inclusion is key to having true inclusion. You can’t run a company that wants to sell to a particular group without first truly understanding that group.
      • Fashion shows will show the fashion industry that art can come from anywhere and from anyone. Who knows what new things we’ll see!
      • Marketing, ads, and commercials should include all groups of women. This will help rollback the effects of previously set fashion standards and trends.



       Young woman with bandana and long braids.

      Be The Change You Want To See

      It’s time to break boundaries and be the first on the frontier. The fashion industry needs a leader to look up to and aspire to be. Taylor Jay Collection is passionate about setting an example for the rest of the fashion industry. There will be critics, backlash, haters, and people who don’t support size inclusivity. It is our mission to educate people about the importance of size inclusivity all over the world.

      Size inclusion is all about listening to the feedback and making necessary changes. Taylor Jay Collection is committed to creating an inclusive environment where all women are accepted and valued in the fashion industry no matter their size.