4 Different Ways To Repurpose Unwanted Clothes

Stacks of folded t-shirts.
Every year you may find clothes that you don’t wear anymore or that you never wore in the first place. So what do you do with old unwanted clothes? Sustainable fashion is at the core of The Taylor Jay Collection. Here are some easy ways to repurpose old and/or unwanted clothes.

Volunteer group sorting through a box of donated clothes.Donate Old or Unwanted Clothes

You can contribute to sustainable living by donating clothes that are still in good condition. Even though they’re old or out of style they still have use for others. Here are a few places where you can drop off old or unwanted clothes for donation:

  • Homeless shelters. Thousands of homeless families need clothing. By donating your clothes to homeless shelters, you may be able to put a coat on the back of someone in need during freezing winters. Of all the things on this list, this is one of the best ways to contribute to a sustainable and bright future.
  • Clothing donation drop boxes. These donation boxes are placed all over cities, so you can find your nearest one on Google Maps. The box may even state more specifically where your clothes will be delivered.
  • Thrift stores. Donating to thrift stores can help your local community and extend the life of your unwanted clothing. Thrift stores charge cheaper prices than big brand stores. Donating old or unwanted clothing to a thrift store can help low-income families find a more affordable option.

Old rag on a table.

Old or Unwanted Clothing Can be Used for Cleaning

For old or unwanted clothing that is in really bad shape, it’s a good idea to use them one last time as a cleaning towel around the house. Here are a few ways you can use old t-shirts, flannels, and other old pieces of clothing for cleaning: 

  • Keep old unwanted clothing in an already used shopping bag. You can get plenty from Wal-Mart or any grocery store.
  • Put the bag of clothes in a closet with the rest of your cleaning supplies. When there’s a spill, you can quickly grab a bunch of old shirts to use as makeshift towels. That way, you can keep your regular towels clean and give your clothing one last purpose.
  • You can wash your old shirts again and again to keep using them as towels and further repurpose them.

A bunch of shirts hanging in a closet.

Old Unwanted Clothes is Good for Art

One creative way of repurposing old or unwanted clothing is to use your old clothes in a piece of art. There are millions of forms of art. Fashionable clothing is just one of them. Just because a piece of clothing has worn out or the trend has expired doesn’t mean that your shirt, pants, or skirt can’t be used as art one last time. Need a few clothing art ideas?


  • Create a mosaic by cutting pieces of old clothing into smaller pieces and knitting them together.
  • Make a kite out of your old clothes because, why not? It’s fun!
  • Sculptures can be made out of old clothes and can even be made to be wearing your old clothes.


Green recycle symbol on cardboard.

Recycle Old Unwanted Clothes

Sometimes it’s best to just recycle old unwanted clothes. The clothes may be too worn out to be reused or donated. It’s best to leave them in a dedicated bin that’s for recycling old clothes. Don’t put them into your standard plastic recycling bin because they’ll just be thrown away. Plastic recycling centers focus on plastic, not fabric. Also, don’t put them into a bin that’s meant to reuse old clothes and be given to homeless individuals. Again, the clothes are too deteriorated to be reused. Find a recycling bin specifically for recycling old unwanted clothes and deposit your clothing there.

With these four easy ways to repurpose old unwanted clothes, you can start contributing to sustainable living. Taylor Jay Collection believes that social responsibility and sustainable fashion are some of the most important factors in creating a sustainable and bright future. You can start helping with our mission by donating your old or unwanted clothing items to homeless shelters and low-income families today.