Introducing Myka Haddad

I’m Myka, the co-owner of The Plant Library. The Plant Library is a full service plant rental company, specializing in events, long term staging rentals, set and film decor, and photo shoots. Rent, Enjoy, Return.

Outfit details: Brandi Top | Maya top (white) + Mona Jumper

My friend Danielle founded the company and after years of working together in the event industry, I joined as her business partner in 2018. We absolutely love running this family business. And when I say family business, I mean, there are no shortage of our kids running around the warehouse on a daily basis.

 (Outfit details: Maya Top (Olive) + Sasha Pant)

My husband and I live in the east bay with our sweet 5 year old Day. Being a mom and working in an event’s driven business, means I go from school drop off, to the studio, then onsite lifting plants. Comfort is a must for me, but so is style! And that’s why I love Taylor Jay so very much!

I was first introduced to the line by Shah of @bossmomnation. When we’d meet up for park play dates, she was always wearing these beautiful jumpsuits while also chasing around her kids. I’d ask her where her clothes were from, she’d say “Taylor Jay”. I quickly became a big fan!

 Outfit details: Maya Top (Olive) + Sasha Pant

Taylor Jay is the epitome of fashion and comfort. When I wear these pieces I feel confident, self assured and stylish, all at the same time.