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Elevated fashion basics

Taylor Jay empowers women with beautiful, versatile, comfortable, sustainable fashion basics that easily adapt to any lifestyle.


Elevated Comfort

Our clothing is thoughtfully designed and tested for everyday use, with adaptable styles and couture standards.



We design with every woman in mind, offering a wide range of sizes and smart features that complement any body shape.



We partner with an ethically sourced local factory to produce environmentally safe garments from certified eco-friendly textiles.

Fashion with a purpose.

Our Story

Our founder and CEO, Taylor Jay, began designing fashion for herself during a transitional period of her womanhood when her body was changing significantly in size and shape, and the fashion industry didn’t cater to her journey. She soon discovered that many other women shared the same experience, and what began as a journey of self-discovery has become a promise to all women to empower them with clothing that will adapt to their evolution.


Our Mission

Established in Oakland, California, in 2012, Taylor Jay is on a mission to make fashionable basics accessible to women worldwide and to become a household name in sustainable fashion.

Our Vision

We envision a healthy, positive, and welcoming world in which women can thrive and grow without limits. That is why we produce clothing that can be integrated with any lifestyle, has strong lifetime value, and can safely be reabsorbed into the environment. We are working towards a Zero Waste future, will you join us in our journey?

Our founder, Taylor Jay, at our former Oakland, CA flagship store.

Our founder, Taylor Jay, at our former Oakland, CA flagship store.


She had a dream.

Taylor Jay is the vision and pulse behind the company.  A Bay Area native, Taylor Jay has worked in the fashion industry for over 12 years.  As a high school graduate and aspiring stylist, Taylor moved to Los Angeles where she studied Fashion Merchandising at the California School of Fashion Design. And it’s in sunny Los Angeles that Taylor opened her first boutique at the age of 23.

With business thriving and upon returning home to the Bay Area to open a second boutique, Taylor created her first collection, The Taylor Jay Collection, inspired by her own journey and body challenges. The clothing she designed impressed local customers and boosted demand encouraging Taylor to pursue her very own brand full time in Oakland, now home to the Taylor Jay atelier.

Taylor Jay is more than just a fashion entrepreneur. Tough challenges early in her life only fueled Taylor’s pursuit of her fashion dreams. She has not only become a role model for her daughter, but for many black women entrepreneurs on the rise. She is often featured as a panelist to share her story and perspective. She hopes that her experience and designs can inspire other women to walk confidently and comfortably towards their dreams.

In her words, she will "...continue to design beautiful clothing that lasts a lifetime and makes every woman feel and look amazing.”